Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Marans Owe an Explanation

New Indian Express has published a story in their website about how Dayanidhi Maran and Kalanidhi Maran pressured Ratan Tata to part with some equity in the proposed DTH business joint venture by Tata and Star.

This allegation was originally raised by Vaiko in his campaign speeches and subsequently picked up by the New Indian Express. This allegation is too big to ignore as just another election time mudslinging. It involves one of the top business house of India and a federal minister allegedly abusing his position for family gain.

As expected Marans haven't responded to the allegations directly and neither have that's. But, I hope this story gathers momentum and the full picture comes out.


  1. Read in todays Dinakaran :
    Maaran has filed a defamation case against NIE and Dinamani for 1 crore.
    He says,as like any politician, the charges are baseless.

    lets wait n watch :-)

  2. Prabhu
    Yes.. I heard that.. it is generally a diversionary tactics to side step the issue for the time being..

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