Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The 'Q' is Dead

The Q is dead

This the caption used by Sathyam Cinemas, Chennai, India to promote their new ticketing system. I tried their online ticketing system for the first time yesterday and liked the experience. The initial registration process was simple and straight forward. After registration, I was able to quickly buy ticket/s using credit card. Since all of their ticketing channels (Web, Counter & Telephone booking) use the same backend system, I was able to get the most up to date information and assigned seats. In fact, the online system even allowed me to pick my own seat for small premium of INR 10 per ticket.

Though the web page layout of good, they had packed lot of information on a single screen and it was little difficult to navigate through. But like anything else, all I had to do was to read the instructions and it worked like a charm. I remembered of the old adage, when all else fails, read the manual and in this case read the instructions.

Once we were in the theatre, All I had to do was to go to a special window and collect my tickets. No hassles, no waiting.

Sathyam Cinemas took out the Q from outside but introduced it inside, where it is needed the most. We all have seen the mad rush during the movie interval to get eatables from the severely understaffed refreshment stall/s. There would generally be just one or two guys trying manage a sea of hands waving note bills. These guys have a tough job of handling cash, restive patrons as well the food & beverages. This is where, Sathyam Cinemas has introduced the Q. There are separate cash counters to pay & collect tokens to be used at the refreshment stall. One can avoid the Q even here by buying these tokens in advance. Neat idea... Good Show Sathyam Cinemas.. (Don't know if we can buy them online..!!)

I had used Mayajaal online reservation system a while ago and don't remember the experience being pleasant as this one.

Over all, Sathyam Cinemas has done a lot to improve the movie going experience in their theatres. Now, Wouldn't it be nice if they could do the same thing getting to the theatre.. And introduce a Q system for the unruly Chennai Autos... (I hear you saying.. Yeah.. Right !! In your dreams..)

So what movie did I go? We went to Amir Khan's Rang De Basanti. I may do a post on that tomorrow.

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  1. wow! way to go, Sathyam cinemas!

  2. I went to Satyam only once for Lord of the Rings and swore I would not go there again. The reason..

    The fire safety in that complex is deplorable. The staircase leading up to the balcony area is too narrow. The windows over looking the road are covered with canvas sheets, there are curtains everywhere - there is no way to make a quit exit from the balcony area.

    The same is true for all buildings in Pondy bazaar - and the new Kumaran store in Mylapore. The new Saravana store in N Usman road is terrible, I left within 10 minutes.

    Maybe I am being paranoid, but I am not the only one. There are others who are nervous too.

    Mayajaal is a *much* better complex with regards to safety - all theaters can empty to the cetral foyer within minutes and exit via broad breakable glass doors.

  3. Sundaresan

    Welcome back..

    I agree with you.. most of the commercial buildings in Chennai have violated building codes flagrantly and there is little of no safety net.

    However, the focus of my post was the integrated ticketing system and the smooth process around that. In this aspect, Sathyam Cinemas scores well over Mayajaal.

  4. I went to sathyam sometime back and had quite a struggle to make a smooth exit with my vehicle in the parking lot.

    They charge 10 bucks(for 2 wheelers i guess) but no covering. i wish they cud do something abt it and also streamline the Q for exit.

  5. Prabhu

    yes, their parking system is a mess.. I avoid taking my vehicles and go by Chennai's ubiquitous 'Autos'..

  6. Umm..very interesting.!! Way to go ..Sathyam theatres.!!

    Ellam ok dhan..but Tamil movies..can be a little better..don't you think??

    BTW - How was RDB?

  7. Narayanan

    RDB was good.. worth seeing.. very different from the usual run of the mill movies..

    Tamil Movies... I lost hope.. !!!