Friday, February 03, 2006

Are you Ready

For the Chennai Marathon (Feb 5, 2006)…

It is almost here. I went to Nehru Stadium to collect my BIB / Chest number but was asked to come tomorrow. Contrary to their announcements in the print media, all full and half marathon runners were asked to come tomorrow Saturday (Feb 4, 2006) at 11:00 to be briefed by a marathon expert and collect the BIB. I wish they had made it clear on their website or in their advertisements; it would have saved a trip for me. However, I was able to complete the mandatory medical test today and all I need to do tomorrow is to collect my BIB.

They were issuing the BIBs for the other categories and the whole process seems to be much better organized this year than last. I collected BIB # for my wife & son who are participating in the 5K run. In fact, there was this wonderful volunteer who went out of her way to help us. She listened to us patiently, made last minute changes requested by my colleague and even spot registered my son, all with a smiling face. She was a simply wonderful.

Like Singapore Marathon, my goal is to complete the marathon under 4 hours. However, I am concerned with Chennai humidity and the marathon traffic diversions. Last year, it was chaos after 3 hours as the traffic restrictions were removed on the marathon route. I quit the race as I couldn’t compete the bustling traffic and pollution. I hope, it is different this year.