Thursday, December 29, 2005

Indian Railways - Lot of Potential

Voila.. We are on vacation now.. We choose to visit our relatives in Cochin for this year's vacation. Had a comfortable journey in a night train from Chennai to Cochin. We had a small coupe to ourselves which gave us adequate privacy and comforts. My kids particularly enjoyed being able to stretch and create some noise without disturbing others (at least, that's what they think..).

Indian Railways
has tremendous potential. It transports millions across the nation every day. Till now, they have been the only option for the middle class and were always in demand. Even now, trains seem to be most sought after medium of transport. But that is slowly changing with the arrival of budget airlines and better roads, particularly for the middleclass. Still Railways has lot of space to grow, if it could only change a little bit and be customer focused. Loading and unloading of personal luggage is a major challenge on Indian trains, I hope they find a way to make it easier. Also, I wish they had power & internet connectivity for my laptop. Of course, my kids want TV with plenty of cartoon channels.

It has been few days in to our vacation already and we are having a great time. But, I have not be able to post as I thought would be able to. So, If I don't see you before the new year..
Seasons Greetings & Happy New Year.....