Friday, October 21, 2005

Movie Review - Crash

This review is kind of late, but I wanted post my thoughts on crash as this movie impacted me a lot.

I saw crash trying to kill time while flying out of Chennai and I liked the movie so much that I saw it again on my return journey as well.

It's a disturbing movie that talks about the simmering tensions between various communities in a frank and open manner.

Unlike the usual movies, there are many characters in this movie and it sometimes feel like watching one of those TV dramas which have 3 sub plots. Nevertheless, all various strings and plots are nicely tied together in a way that makes sense.

Crash starts with separate lives of various communities (black, white, Korean, Iranian) and the movie picks up speed when their lives start colliding through car jacking and crashes.

One sees a very different Sandra Bullock, who is parochial and always angry. This role is definitely different from the other roles Sandra has played previously. Also, due to the nature of this movie, she doesn't fill every frame and appears only when necessary.

Don Cheadle has played the role of homicide investigator whose integrity is constantly put to test by his family and the political bigwigs. His character is the mainstay of the film and runs through the entire length even when others come and go.

bottom line: must see

Overall rating: A


  1. Its a brilliant movie knitted b/w various ethnic tangles....I liked it !!
    Thanks for the post !!

  2. Adengappa

    Yes.. It truly an amazing movie.. a bit surprised that it didn't make any 'waves'..

  3. ram, it did make waves in US. it was kind of a surprise hit of 2004. I somehow liked Matt Dillon's role too. A movie with lots of class.


  4. Narayanan

    Thanks for visiting my blog..

    It came out in 2004? I didn't hear about it all till I saw it recently.. I heard the same guy directed 'Million Dollar Baby' too..