Thursday, October 27, 2005

Google Classifieds?

Google continues to surprise the market with its innovation and continuous product launch. It has created a veritable industry of Google watchers guessing its next moves. The latest rumor is about Google base.

Stories are floating around on the net about the Google's impending foray in to classifieds business. A British programmer accidentally found this site ( which has since been brought down.

This is interesting as this not only opens up new revenue stream but also brings in new competition as well. A classifieds business would put Google in direct competition with eBay, cragislist and the print media.

One quick search in Google for Google base brought over 236K items.

There are even some screen shots of Google base on flickr.

Google is spreading its wings across many areas and inviting lot of competition and the list seems to be growing. So far it has been mainly Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL and with this Google Base, it is now adding several more to the list..

Google's continuous innovation and foray into new areas is definitely welcome. But, can it sustain this kind of growth? Google's stock price has more than tripled in the last 14 months. Is this real?

What do you think?


  1. Thats true! Google is really making a wave. But, the stock prices, by looking at your link, it says the 52week range is 161.31 to 357.09. It can't get tripled in last 14 weeks.

  2. sundaresan

    The stock price has tripled in the last 14 months.. what I don't know is if it can keep up with this fast pace..

  3. I am surprised. Google has gone left right center launching new products and doing new things. I read that Microsoft is shi**g in its pants.!!

    Google base sounds interesting.!!

    I am not sure about the stock price..I feel bad..I didn't buy it.!!

  4. yes, It is not only Microsoft but lot more companies are finding Google in the enemy camp..

    I wish I had gotten some Google stocks it is kind of sour grapes..

  5. Ram, i somehow thought weeks instead of months :-(
    Btw, we need to watch how far it goes with this pace...BigB Googl(e)a vaangaama irundhaa sari ;-)