Tuesday, August 02, 2005

True Diversity

Many countries talk about diversity.. But does anyone come even close to India ?

Look at the top leaders of India..
Dr. Manmohan Singh, a Sikh - Prime Minister
Sonia Gandhi, a Christian - Leader of the ruling party coalition
Dr. Abdul Kalam, a Muslim - President
General Joginder Singh, a Sikh - Chief of Army

All in a country where 85% is Hindu..

What do you think..?


  1. Truly matchless and priceless

  2. I agree.! Looks Good on Paper.!

    What is the net result?

    What about the Criminals that are in the higher positions.!

  3. Krishna

    Yes.. India's true diversity is its strength.. Many countries, advanced or otherwise talk about.. But India has operationalized it..


    Indian politics is still mired in AyaRam & GayaRam culture which has led to criminalization of politics... don't know when that scourge would be minimized..

  4. Yeah, I agree..I hope the day will come soon.!

    I am looking at the floods in Bombay.! Financial capital of India..in ruins.! Though it is mostly nature...drainage, etc.! nobody to take care of all that.

    Looking at the water shortages in some states and the water going a waste..would it require a rocket scientist to think of connecting all the rivers, and re-channel flood waters like this.

    What a shame.! Visin 2020 India..where is it.?

  5. Narayanan

    I share your anguish..

    India could use some strong leadership & execution..

  6. @Ram Sir

    Liberty equality fraternity laam inge dhaan. No question.

    @Narayanan sir

    agreed. yes there are lotsa issues

    I think the need of the hour is to have a balanced view of India's pluses and minuses.

    diversity is a plus. corruption etc etc are all obvious minuses. that does not preclude us from admiring our pluses.

    after all we need something to cheer about

  7. Prabhu

    you it aptly..

    Diversity is a plus

    Corruption is a big MINUS..

  8. its all a facade.... the Hindu extremist can not beat to stand this 'diversity' ..... the mass killing of Muslim and christians through out Indian history is witness to this fact.....