Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Does Google Lie?

My son, Raghav brought this to my attention..

I Googled 'failure' and got the following results. Pay close attention to the first result..Is this true? Some one playing a sick joke at Google? Does Google lie ?

I tried the same search on yahoo and it gave different results..

Learnt a little bit more on this 'Google bomb'.. Following link shed a some light on this..


  1. Very Interesting.!!! Not sure how they managed this.!

    Google doesn't lie..atleast not until you brought this up.!!

    Why did Raghav google 'Failure'.!

  2. Very interesting indeed…

    Learnt a little bit more on this..These links sheds a little more light on this..

    Don't know where Raghav learnt it from..

  3. Very interesting!!!

  4. google doesnt lie, ellorum chumma chumma goole mela pazhai podathengal

    google is correct, George W bush is a failure! aduilla enna doubt??

  5. Vatsan, i could see Saddam Hussein in you ;))