Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bangalore Marathon with NO I/T support

Bangalore Marathon with no I/T support

I am planning to run.. did I say run.. let’s just say participate and hope to complete the full marathon in Bangalore. With just 2 days to go, I am starting to feel that this marathon will have lot of ‘operational’ glitches. Let’s look at the track record…

1) The Silicon Valley of India is hosting this event and touting it to be on par with the best in the world but with no website!!!!. Yahoo – India is supposedly sponsoring this event and what do you have to do to register? Download a pdf form and mail it with the registration fee. It would have been simpler, if we had online registration and payment facility.

2) Since there was no follow up email for my snail mail registration, I sent identical email to two email addresses I could lay my hands and got entirely different answer for the same query. Now I am not sure when the full marathon would start and if I need a medical certificate as I am over the hill.

3) Originally, the event was planned for April and now it was postponed to May with no proper advance notice.

4) Now to cap it all, the marathon route has been changed at the last minute.

What happened to the global IT hub? Bangalore marathon can sure use some dosage of planning and IT help.

Now, I going to Bangalore this weekend hoping to participate and complete the marathon.

Wish me luck..

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