Friday, April 29, 2005

Mumbai Express – several steps backwards?

Mumbai Express – several steps backwards?

I recently saw the much hyped Kamal’s movie Mumbai Express and came out thoroughly disappointed with the viewing experience. For this movie was much talked about for its digital movie making efforts. Though this is comedy flick and keep you laughing, viewing it was not a pleasant experience. Much of the movie was too grainy and felt like watching a pirated VCD print.

So, what happened to the digital images? Aren’t they supposed to be better than the ‘reel’ films? Apparently not…I came to this conclusion not after my consultation with Dr. Google but after reading an article in The Hindu

The story goes like this… A regular ‘reel’ 35mm film has 2000 lines per frame and this is what we are used to. In the digital movie world we get from 720 – 1800 lines per frame. So even in the high end of the digital movie making we get sub par performance. Kamal took the low cost road to digital world and opted fro 720 lines per frame. This is somewhat similar to the handy cam clarity I get with my SONY.

Here comes the kicker, since most of the theatres are NOT equipped to project digital movies, Mumbai Express for copied ‘back’ to traditional ‘reels’ and distributed across the world. That’s the print I saw @ MayaJaal and Narayanan @ Naz8.

So, Why this retrograde step Mr. Kamal ?